Are There Alternatives To Having A Root Canal?

dentistDentist in general have a negative reputation due to the stigma and fear regarding certain procedures, such as root canals. When patients are informed that they are in need of one, the first question out of most people’s mouth is ,”Is there any alternative?” To which the answer is both yes and no. You can opt to have the tooth removed entirely, or you can chance that there is the potential for a pulp cap. However, if the tooth is truly dead, the only choices that remain are to salvage what is left with a root canal, or extract it, like what happens commonly with cracked teeth. Extraction will mean that there is a gap left behind, or it will require a surgical replacement.

Which Is Better?

Ideally, if the tooth can be saved with a pulp cap, that is wonderful. At times the decay has not yet reached the root, or the decay is minor enough, that a capping procedure can help the tooth remain viable. Anything that preserves the natural tooth, or as most of it as possible, is considered the best route. Unfortunately though, most teeth that appear to be in need of a root canal according to x-rays rarely have enough material left for a pulp cap.

The next alternative is extraction, which leaves an unsightly gap between teeth. While extraction and pulp capping are typically cheaper alternatives to a root canal, replacing the missing tooth can get painful and costly. “Surgical implant replacements can outweigh the costs of a root canal, and sometimes the pulp cap can fail and require a root canal anyway,” says Dr. Demirjian of Citrus Park Endodontics. In the end, it is often best to save what can be of the natural tooth, than to under go multiple procedures that add up in both pain and costs.

How A Pool Can Help Heal Back Pain.

Physical therapy for back injuries and the pain they cause can include a wide range of activities. One of the most recommended involves the use of a pool. Due to the buoyant nature of a pool, people who are normally hindered by back pain, can find the needed mobility to work on muscle tone and stiffness. This in turn allows them to build up things, like their core group of muscles, which helps the body support itself and reduces stress induced pain on spinal injuries.

Preventative Therapy

Not only can patients benefit from using a pool for physical therapy, they can also use it to help prevent more significant pain problems as well. While those already in need of therapy should only start a doctor recommended routine, people who want to get ahead of the game can use a pool to help get their body into shape and head off the pain, before it starts or gets worse. This is one reason why hiring a pool service company and having a pool installed at your home is a wise investment not only for your free time, but also for your health. According to several studies done among patients and physical therapy specialists, patients who start at the first signs of a problem are often able to prevent even more serious pain and stiffness, compared to those who wait to start.

Aquatic Exercises For Health

In addition to being one of the best forms of physical therapy for patients suffering from mild to severe back pain, aquatic based exercises are also ideal for patients who need to loose weight and build fitness. Many patients who have trouble using regular exercise equipment or who have joint problems can benefit greatly from using a pool to do aquatic exercises. Not only is there the added benefit of privacy for those who own their own pool, it is something that can be used to build and maintain a healthy fitness level for people of all weight, size, and age.